Monday, August 9, 2010

Captain Sigs Northwestern Ale

Captain Sigs Northwestern Ale

Ratebeer 3.56 95th percentile
Beer Advocate B+

So Ratebeer calls it an IPA. Beer Advocate calls it an American Amber/Red Ale. Rogue calls it an India Red Ale. So what would BJCP call it, Style 14B subsection A? I love a good odd-ball beer; one that does not fit the mold. There is an idea for a new beer floating around in my head. I will enter that in a homebrew contest and rock the beer world! Perhaps I should scale my back my dreams. If I am lucky the judges will not spit it out and yell "WTF!"

Taste +4

Sigh..Yet another big citrus (tangerine), floral nose and a huge meringue like head. The medium astringency and slick caramel malts has now captured my attention. Before I can beg for more, the citrus and resin hops kicks you in the back and says, "Welcome to my Castle!" I love that song by the Evaporators; it is a little ironic that the Youtube file name contains the letters "u, c, f and k." This all mixes well with the accessorized roasted, pine and full mouthfeel,

Aftertaste +2

Both the song and the beer leave a long taste in your mouth. The song is all bad; the beer is nice with caramel and citrus/pine hops.

Alcohol Content +1 6.2%

It gives that 14.5 Plato number again. I do not want to be reaching for my calculator while sampling a beer!

Value +1

This beer must be F'in good, look at all the numbers on the side:80 IBU, 77AA, 36oL. WOW.

Ingame Enhancement +1

I have to substitute a current experience for the ingame enhancement. Tonight was the M60 unlimited ammo mod for L4D2. Never has there been so many zombie bits fly!!

Overall 9/10

This is a good beer. Ignore the stupid, self indulgent review. Buy this PNW hoppy beer, drink it and start your own beer blog to review it. I will link to you. Is it coincidental that the homebrew I drank cave a Three Beavers Red Ale bottle - I think NOT!

Three Beaver (Howe Sound)
Double Dragon (Phillips)
Hop Head Red Ale (Green Flash)


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