Friday, July 15, 2011

Alexander Keiths Harvest Ale

I have to cull some of the beer in my fridge. There will be many more new arrivals after I return from the Oregon brewers festival next week. Must make room for more. In case anyone is wondering, this was left in the fridge by my father. If has been a really long time since I ripped apart a beer, so sorry Mr Keith, your time is up.

Alexander Keith's Harvest Ale -4/10

Beer Advocate B- (are you serious?)

The nose is just stale roasted peanuts, maybe a bit of waxy chocolate and cheap canned fruit salad. There is too much fizz and slickness in the mouthfeel to be pleasant. It just coats everything and will not scrub off. If you have tasted one Keiths beer you have tasted them all. This swill has a touch of caramel with gas station pecans and stale dried fruits. Most of the bottle was poured out. At least it didn't smell like vomit. I am trying to find something nice to say about this beer; wait I found something. It is union made.

Taste -1
Aftertaste -1
Alcohol Content 0 5.3%
Value -1
Appearance -1


Craig Lloyd said...

Why -1 for value? It's not like you paid for it.

JBeaverton said...

it's been picked up by the same distributors that do the Budweiser family of cra... I mean beer so i can believe this review