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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beer and Health Articles

Here is a summary of past beer and health articles 

Salivary acetaldehyde increase due to alcohol content and might be a cancer risk

Can science help you be a beer pro?

The flavour of beer makes you want to drink more

Can beer help with post exercise rehydration

Caffeinated beers and hangovers

Beer drinking help reduce risk factors for heart disease in at risk men

Arsenic and old ale

Beer drinkers buy more junk food than wine drinkers

Alcohol consumption frequency inversely related to obesity risk

Beer consumption greater than 7 per week increases risk of metabolic syndrome

Salty beers helps with post exercise fluid loss

Regular consumption of alcoholic beverages reduces the risk of developing Grave's hyprethyroidism

Consumption of non-alcoholic beer increases antioxidants in breast milk

Non-alcoholic beer help improve sleep patterns in female nurses

Alcohol consumption reduces mortality in women after a heart attack
Beer is equally effective as wine and spirits

Regular consumption of beer was associated with fewer teeth lost

The effect of drinking habits and the price of alcohol
A 10% increase in price, reduces consumption by 16%.

Regular beer consumption increased the risk of colorectal cancer
Dietary intake of folate, B12, B6, C, E, selenium and lycopene can attenuate this risk.

Beer can reduce risk of Parkinson's disease while liquor can raise risk

Beer and Wine similarly reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

Oktoberfest does not increase the incidence of acute pancreatitis

Beer reduces the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer's disease

Truth about beer goggles

BMJ article: Alcohol consumption can reduce the risk of heart disease

Beer reduces respiratory illnesses and inflammatory in marathon runners

Beer contains prebiotics that benefit intestinal flora

Taxation reduces alcohol consumption and many alcohol-related negative outcomes

Beer can increase HDL cholesterol but not cholesterol effux

Alcohol intake and risk of psoriasis
Only nonlight beer increases the risk of developing psoriasis.

Beer and Pancreatic Cancer

Moderate drinking after a MI may be beneficial
Continued moderate drinking after a MI leads to better outcomes and reduced mortality.

Heavy Drinking Negates Benefits of Moderate Drinking
Once a month heavy drinking can negate that cardioprotective benefits of moderate alcohol consumption.

Can Drinking beer lead to malaria?
Drinking dolo can increase one's attractiveness to mosquitoes.

Alcohol Consumption reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
1-6 drinks per week reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes only in people who increased exercise or took metformin.

Wine and Beer are equally as good and bad for you
Both wine and beer increase antioxidant status one drink, but also unexpectedly reduce it after 3 drinks.

Hops can save my prostate
Xanthohumol, a bitter flavonoid in hops, can prevent testosterone from binding to receptors in prostate cells.

Boozy Energy Drinks Make You Dumb
Alcoholic energy drinks reduce mental functioning

The Beer Bottle Headshot
It takes more force to break an empty beer bottle than a full one.

Longwood IPA and beer does a prostate good
Regular consumption of alcohol has a reduced risk of developing an enlarged prostate.

I get by..
Japanese men had a greater reduction in heart disease risk with both moderate alcohol consumption and high social support.

Pliny the Elder and Adrenaline Shots
Report about anaphylactic (severe) allergy to beer.

Rebranding The Beer Belly
Binge drinking, and not regular consumption, can make you plump.