Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gulden Draak

Gulden Draak
Belgian Strong Ale/Quadrupel

Ratebeer 3.79 97th percentile
Beer Advocate A-

Taste +4

The colour is something to admire, it is dark ruby almost black. The head takes on the colour of roasted almonds. Alcohol is the predominate aroma with added sweet sherry and berries. This is a big sipful with large helpings of plums, dark sugar and bing cherries. Once the carbonation washes these flavours away, you are left with a little coffee and dark chocolate. From a beer this big it is oddly creamy and smooth despite the alcohol burn.

Aftertaste +1

After the sweet, dark cherries fade away the alcohol warms you down to your stomach.

Alcohol Content +1 10.5%

Ethanol is all over the aroma, taste and aftertaste.

Value +1

This was a big Belgian that was pleasant on the sweet side.
Ingame Enhancement +1

Today Valve announced the pre-order for Left4Dead2. I can hardly wait to do damage to virtual zombies with frying pans.

Overall 8/10

Spicy, yeasty, alcoholic with dark fruit and sugar, what else would you want in a big dark Belgian ale.

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