Thursday, October 22, 2009

Longwood Dunkelweizen

Longwood Pub Dunkelweizen

Ratebeer 2.89 with 8 ratings
Beer Advocate B-

This is another sampling from the Naniamo brewpub. This is still a wheat style beer. With addition of darker malts you in theory could taste richer flavours like toffee, chocolate and roast.

Taste +1

The nose is very faint of wheat and slightly caramel. The flavour is a little watery but the wheat and malt sweetness still come through. After a good hit of caramel a pleasant flowery hop bitterness washed it all away. Maybe there was a bit of bruised banana in there, but that would be a stretch.

Aftertaste 0

A clean ending and that was it.
Alcohol Content 0 5%

Value 0

It was OK but I'm not digging it.
Ingame Enhancement 0

This lackluster beer did not enhance my video gaming experience at all. All I could think about was other brews in my beer fridge to make my palate happy.

Overall 1/10

This just seemed a little off for a Dunkel.

Baron Bohemian
Warsteiner Dunkel

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