Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chapeau Kriek Lambic and Boozy Energy Drinks Make You Dumb

I like energy drinks. My favourite one is old school, American Mountain Dew. In the August 2009 edition of Human Psychopharmacology, researchers tested the effects of alcoholic energy drinks on mental functioning. I'm sure you can guess the answer. No surprises here, those subjects that drank Sparks (6%ABV) scored lower on mental test than subjects that drank Green Monster or placebo (7-UP). The mental tests involved memory recall, visuospatial, language and attention tests. Of note in this study, subjects who drank Green Monster had greater attention scores and were more likely to sue Vermont microbrewers.

Chapeau Kriek Lambic

Ratebeer 2.74 24th percentile
Beer Advocate B-

Lambics are one of the oldest style of beers available. These are wheat beers that are spontaneously fermented by naturally occurring yeasts. Often lambics are light in alcohol and taste, which makes them perfect for flavouring. The addition of fruit juices is a popular theme.

Taste +5

There is a strong nose of ripe bing cherries and that is all you can smell. This brew goes down with the same tastes as a cocktail. It is very sweet with heavy flavours of syrupy cherry juice. The heavy carbonation only seems to enhance the wonderful flavours.

Aftertaste +1

A very syrupy tartness finishes clean and dry after about 10 seconds.

Alcohol Content -1 3.5%

This is meant to be a beer to be enjoyed by anyone at anytime.

Value +1

If you ever wanted your wife/girlfriend to try a beer, this would be the gateway beer. As I mentioned before it is very similar to a fruity cocktail.

Ingame Enhancement +1

No gaming, but I did sit at my dinner table, sip this beer and my neighbors kid mow my lawn. Watching her work hard made this beer even more refreshing.

Overall 8/10

This is a wonderful, fruity and refreshing beer. You must like things sweet in order to appreciate this brew.

Mort Subite Gueuze

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