Sunday, October 4, 2009

Driftwood Sartori Harvest IPA

Driftwood Sartori Harvest IPA

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This is a wet hopped IPA. Fresh hops were fresh from the Sartori Cedar Ranch and rushed to the brewery.

Taste +4

If you like the fresh hops, this 66IBU beer will make your palate sing. I have a cold, but the clogged nose could still pick out the floral and citrus hops. There was still a little caramel malt hiding in the background. The picture does it justice, the copper-ruby colour supports a medium pillow of head. After the head fades off, the ample carbonation keeps a layer of bubbles there at all times. With every sip, the citrus (grapefruit) and floral hops envelope the whole mouth. This all rides on a earthy caramel sweetness. The whole experience is a little chewy, with bitterness noticed primarily at the back of the tongue.

Aftertaste +1

The aromatic and vaporous citrus hops leaned towards astringent. The finish was sadly rather short lived for a big IPA.

Alcohol Content +1 7%

It was nice to have the extra alcohol to chase this cold away.

Value +1

I picked this up at Liquor Plus for $6.50 for a bomber. It was excellent and I plan to get an extra one or two for my father as a Xmas present.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Under threats of bodily harm from SWMBO, there was no gaming tonight. Tonight I shall only dream of whacking zombies online. And yes I used this category to pad up the score.

Overall 8/10

This is a great Canadian fresh hopped brew. If you love the hops, you will love this one. BTW I like the new bottle.

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