Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jolly Abbott 2009

Jolly Abbott 2009

Ratebeer 3.38 63rd percentile
Beer Advocate B

It is nice to try the same release next year. I was curious to see how my previous rating compared to this year.

Taste +4

With a vinous nose rich with tart apricot brandy, light fruit and rum, you know this brew will challenge your palate. There is a mild spiciness that helps the slippery malts go down.

Aftertaste +2

The alcohol warms you and the sweet pit fruits pleases you.

Alcohol Content 9.5% +1

It is a little bit stronger this year.

Value +1

It was just as good this year as last year. The price did go up by almost a full dollar.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Two words: L4D2 advanced. Actually the first one is not really a word.

Overall 9/10

Last year this beer got an 8. I must like strong, fruity and sweet beers.

Jolly Abbott 2008

Scuttlebutt Triple 7
Bornem Dubbel Double

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