Thursday, December 31, 2009

Phillips Dead Head Barley Wine 2009

Phillips Dead Head Barley Wine 2009

Ratebeer 3.8/5 4 ratings

Taste +3

The nose is very malty with raisins, plums and alcohol. The taste is no different. It is tart and gives a vicious coating of dark fruit, demerara sugar with an alcohol burn. That pretty much was it.

Aftertaste +2

The glycerin-like coating with composting fruit and bruised prunes lasted well in the night.

Alcohol Content +1 10%

Yup, its presence is everywhere.

Value 0

Luckily this was gift. It was nice, but I could think of other better, local barley wines.

Ingame Enhancement 0

Just had some friends over for drinks. My buddy Gord bought me the 'Rate that beer' sheets from Knock Knock. They are pretty cool.

Overall 5/10

It is a barley wine for sure. Lots of alcohol, fruity malts and thick flavours. This one just seemed a little average.

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