Friday, December 4, 2009

Phillips Grow Hop

Phillips Grow Hop

Ratebeer 3.73/5
Beer Advocate Not Rated

This is another wet/fresh hopped beer from a Victoria brewer. Grow Hop is heavily laced with fresh Chinook, so it is sure to be bitter and piney.

Taste +3

Yup its a Chinook, spicy and piney aroma with a slight bit of earthy malts and floral scent. The first sip delivers a good tang of earthy and piney hops. It is a little bitter up front, but is quickly followed with the basic caramel malt.

Aftertaste +2

After the strong snap of hop bitterness, it lingers a long with a dry piney sensation.

Alcohol Content 0 5%

Oddly only 5%, very unusual for a strong tasting Phillips hop monster.

Value 0

It was nice, but it tasted like all the other hoppy Phillips beers. It did cool the palate after the hot chili pepper I accidentally ate.

Ingame Enhancement 0

I'm sorry but the Driftwood Satori was a better wet hopped beer.

Overall 5/10

If you like a bitter, hoppy monster then this is the beer for you. Not really a monster more like a asthmatic puma.

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