Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Southern Tier Heavy Weizen

Southern Tier Heavy Weizen
Unfiltered Imperial Wheat Ale

Ratebeer 3.57 91st percentile
Beer Advocate B+

Taste +5

This strong wheat beer is heavenly. The nose is thick with yeast, wheat and citrus with only the faintest of floral hops. Overall it is gloriously clean, very smooth and not at all tart. Tastes just like you would expect: wheat, lemons, tangerines and yeast.

Aftertaste +1

The ending was a slightly sweet lemon. The carbonation washed everything away clean and dry.

Alcohol Content +1 8%

Despite the higher numbers, you can barely taste it.

Value +1

This was a great Hefe.

Ingame Enhancement +1

Another bias here to bump the score up. I sat on the floor and watched my 5 yr old decorate one side of the Christmas tree. She put all the ornaments on one, non visible side.

Overall 9/10

If you like your Hefes, try this one. Not often to you find a strong and creamy hefe that is not very tart.

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