Thursday, December 31, 2009

606 IPA Paddock Wood

606 IPA (Paddock Wood)

Ratebeer 3.2 60th percentile
Beer Advocate B

Taste +2

The nose is right for an IPA. There is the required caramel malt and grapefruit hops. Grapefruit hops begin their assault with a slowly building intensity that just stopped short. Perhaps it is my West Coast palate than expects an IPA to taste like I tongued a ripe grapefruit. This does mean that you can actually taste the medicinal and caramel malts. This IPA falls just below Brocktons.

Aftertaste +1

It is surprisingly dry and clean for an IPA.

Alcohol Content 0 5.4%

Value 0

This might be my biased grapefruit loving tongue. The average IPA person will most likely enjoy it.

Ingame Enhancement 0

This was an early selection in the IPA tasting night with Gordo.

Overall 3/10

Again, this will probably appeal to the calmer IPA drinker. The grapefruit hops and caramel malts are there in the right proportions. It's intensity is just turned down a few notches.

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