Saturday, December 5, 2009

Black Tree Dark Ale

Black Tree Dark Ale (Tree Brewing)

This is a seasonal release by Tree Brewing. The label claims to be a specialty blend of pale ale and a rich porter. I have big expectations for this brew, their Weizen bock limited was excellent.

Ratebeer 2.92 38th percentile
Beer Advocate B

Taste +1

The nose was a bit off and smelled like day old coffee. Even the flavour was a tad watery. It tasted like day old coffee with corn syrup added as a sweetener. There was mild tastes of bitter hops and roasted coffee.

Aftertaste -2

It left a slick oily coating of roast/smoke that would just not go away. I had to scrub my tongue to make it go away. The morning after it was still there.

Alcohol Content 0 5%

Value -1

I feel bad, every other Tree Brewing beer has been pretty good. For six bucks I could have bought another bomber and still had change left over.

Ingame Enhancement 0

I did have a great night in L4D2. Dark Carnival is a great level; it is always fun to beat circus clown with the butt of a shotgun. The problem was that I kept trying to scrap the taste off my tongue with my teeth.

Overall -2/10

I feel bad but I didn't like this beer. It is not like Tree makes bad beers. Their hefeweizen won a silver medal and Hop Head double IPA won a gold at the Canadian Brewing Awards 2009. Personally I think their hefe tasted better than the Whistler brewing hefe.

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